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Snowflake Tattoo OST, 2 albums, 2 Archived EPs added to Bandcamp

Hi everybody. I had some problems logging in to make posts for the past few days, but they seem to be resolved now. I’ve added a few things to my Bandcamp.

As usual, you can purchase/download these releases from

Snowflake Tattoo OST Cover

My collaboration with game studio Rail Slave Games has been posted again, the Snowflake Tattoo OST was my first professional video game soundtrack. The one-man studio wanted to collaborate on the soundtrack and the results are still astounding to me. This is what made me want to work with other artists more. Having both of us on the tracks made them infinitely more interesting. I later worked with Rail Slave Games on the Ohr soundtrack, but it wasn’t quite as extensive as this soundtrack. That will be posted as an EP sometime later.

Reptile Cover

Reptile was an album that I recorded in 2012, but didn’t release until 2014. The cover is a different shape because it’s actually the insert for a DVD case. This was going to be released on a label, but ultimately, the label folded and it never got released on physical media. Still, though, I didn’t archive this because I genuinely like it a lot. It’s not as noise-heavy as a lot of my other experimental electronic releases.

Catharsis Negative Cover

Catharsis Negative was the start of the Catharsis series, but is somewhat set apart from it because of…reasons. I was developing different techniques and recording styles that changed the nature of the overall production method that I was using. I still produce material for Catharsis in a markedly different way than my other material, so employing these methods caused me to formulate the idea for the series.

The Archive EPs that have been added:

The dark ambient EP Amdis was added to the page, which was released in early 2010. The other archived release that was added was the original Cosmic Quandary single/EP, which was originally recorded in late 2002/early 2003 and released in 2003. This was very early electronic work from me, at the time I was mostly playing drums in punk bands and being a, well, punk.

Archive Information

The archive is older material that I’ve completed and moved on from, and should no longer be viewed as a current representation of my artistic output. Releases that aren’t archived could still be considered part of my personal lexicon. The archived releases will have generic black-and-white text covers and may have been released under different project names in the past.

I wouldn’t consider these re-releases, as some have been touched up or changed in minor ways, but not many. I’m doing this to simplify my past output so I don’t have to continually revisit it and figure out what I want to do. It’s old. Have I made that clear? Old.